"Bachelor, The" (2002)

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No Front Cover No Back Cover Directed By:
Jason A. Carbone
R. Brian DiPirro
Gary Sinyor

Written By:
Jason A. Carbone
R. Brian DiPirro
Gary Sinyor
Genre: Documentary/Romance
In this romantic comedy, Chris O'Donnell plays Jimmie, the grandson of an eccentric millionaire. At the reading of his grandfather's will, Jimmie learns that he stands to inherit $100 million on his 30th birthday. There's only one stipulation: Jimmie has to be married to get the money. And he is going to turn 30 in 24 hours. Jimmie and his sweetheart ( Renee Zellweger ) have already been talking about marriage, but she thinks it's wrong to marry for the money. The Bachelor co-stars James Cromwell , Brooke Shields , and singer Mariah Carey in her acting debut. This story was filmed before in Buster Keaton 's silent classic, Seven Chances . — Mark Deming
Chris HarrisonHost
Alex MichelHimself
Amanda MarshHerself
Trista RehnHerself (eliminated round 6)
Shannon OliverHerself (eliminated round 5)
Kimberley KarelsHerself (eliminated round 4)
Christina StencilHerself (eliminated round 3)
Kathryn SapienzaHerself (eliminated round 3)
LaNease AdamsHerself (eliminated round 3) (as LaNease)
Rhonda RittenhouseHerself (eliminated round 3)
Chris O'DonnellJimmy Shannon
Renée ZellwegerAnne
Hal HolbrookO'Dell
James CromwellPriest
Artie LangeMarco
Ed AsnerGluckman
Marley SheltonNatalie
Sarah SilvermanCarolyn
Stacy EdwardsZoe
Rebecca CrossStacey
16:9 Wide Screen
Format: DVD
Region: Region 2
New Line Cinema
Runtime: 60 mins
Country: USA
MPAA: 12