"Robocop" (1988)

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Front Cover No Back Cover Directed By:
Paul Verhoeven

Genre: Action/Animation/Sci-Fi
Paul Verhoeven 's American breakthrough film Robocop is an exceedingly violent blend of black comedy, science fiction, and crime thriller. Set in Detroit sometime in the near-future, the film is about a policeman ( Peter Weller ) killed in the line of duty, who the department decides to resurrect as a half-human, half-robot supercop. The robocop is indestructible, and within a matter of weeks he has removed crime from the streets of Detroit. However, his human side is tortured by his past, and he wants revenge on the thugs who killed him. Though the violence in Robocop is quite graphic, it is balanced by some very cutting social satire and terrific action, which is often augmented by fantastic stop-motion special effects. The film was later followed by two feature-length sequels and a live-action television series, none of which were as inventive or entertaining as the original film — Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Peter WellerAlex J. Murphy/Robocop
Nancy AllenAnne Lewis
Ronny CoxRichard Dick Jones
Kurtwood SmithClarence J. Boddicker
Dan O'HerlihyThe Old Man
Robert Do'QuiSgt. Reed
Miguel FerrerRobert Morton
Jo LivingstonGrocery Pop
David PackerEmergency Doctor
Paul McCraneEmil Antonowsky
1.85 Anamorphic Wide Screen
Format: DVD
Region: Region 1
Runtime: 103 mins
Country: USA
MPAA: 1.85 Anamorphic Wide Screen
From The Criterion Collection