"Paper Chase, The" (1978)

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No Front Cover No Back Cover Directed By:
Corey Allen
Gwen Arner
James Bridges

Written By:
Corey Allen
Gwen Arner
James Bridges
Genre: Drama
Hart (Timothy Bottoms) is a Harvard Law School freshman whose problems are intensified when he falls in love with the daughter (Lindsay Wagner) of a tyrannical professor, played to the hilt by John Houseman. Based on the novel by John Jay Osborn Jr., THE PAPER CHASE follows the progression of a group of freshman struggling to stay afloat in a world of high pressure and immense competition, where top grades seem to be the difference between life and death. Hart is a slightly naive but bright midwesterner who must prove himself in the arena of Professor Kingsfield's (Houseman) brilliant but cruel classroom. Hart becomes obsessed with excelling in Kingsfield's class, pushing himself to the brink until he meets Susan (Wagner) and falls in love with her only to discover that she is Kingsfield's daughter. As Hart becomes more involved with Susan, he begins to question whether he really wants to become part of the system Harvard's preparing him for. The film is a dazzlingly authentic and moving depiction of the trials and tribulations of law school, brought to life by the breathtaking performance of legendary actor John Houseman in an Oscar-winning performance. Directed enthusiastically by James Bridges, THE PAPER CHASE is one of the greatest renderings of education ever captured on film. ...
Deka BeaudineAsheley Brooks (1978)
Stanley DeSantisGagarian (1978-1979)
Diana DouglasProfessor Tyler (1985-1986)
Tom FitzsimmonsFranklin Ford III
Robert GintyThomas Craig Anderson (1978-1979)
Carole GoldmanCarol (1978-1979)
Charles HallahanErnie (1978-1979)
Betty HarfordMrs. Nottingham
John HousemanProfessor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr.
Penny JohnsonVivian (1984-1986)
Timothy BottomsHart
Lindsay WagnerSusan
Graham BeckelFord
Edward HerrmannAnderson
James NaughtonKevin
Craig Richard NelsonBell
Bob LydiardO'Connor
Lenny BakerMoss
Regina BaffAsheley
Format: VHS
Region: PAL
Runtime: 90 mins
Country: USA
A seriously Rare Tape in the UK - the TV pilot