"Ally McBeal" (1997)

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Front Cover No Back Cover Directed By:
Jace Alexander
Sarah Pia Anderson

Written By:
Jace Alexander
Sarah Pia Anderson
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Disk 1 - RELATIONSHIPS AND DATING PILOT : Ally's childhood sweetheart, Billy, and his gorgeous, gifted attorney wife (Georgia), now work at the same law firm as Ally. To stop that indignity, Ally loses her first case. THE ATTITUDE : Ally rules out a handsome DA as a potential romantic interest when he gets a blob of salad dressing on his chin. CRO-MAGNON : Ally dates a nude model and then begins to see the now-famous "dancing baby". Are her hormones trying to tell her something? SILVER BELLS : Ally gets a case involving a threesome seeking a legal marriage. Then, Georgia insists that she, Ally and Billy discuss their own three-way relationship. Disk 2 - THERAPY THEME OF LIFE : Ally's unorthodox new therapist Tracy (Tracey Ullman) advises her to kickbox with Georgia and get a theme song. THE PLAYING FIELD : Ally tries to follow Tracey's advice and get rid of the dancing baby, but she kicks a "little person" instead!
Calista FlockhartAlly McBeal
Courtney Thorne-SmithGeorgia Thomas (1997-2000)
Greg GermannRichard Fish
Lisa Nicole CarsonRenee Raddick (1997-2001)
Peter MacNicolJohn Cage
Jane KrakowskiElaine Vassal
Vonda ShepardVonda Shepard
Portia de RossiNelle Porter (1998-2002)
Lucy LiuLing Woo (1998-2002)
James LeGrosMark Albert (2000-2001)
Format: DVD
Region: 1
Runtime: 264 mins
Country: USA