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Greetings to my fellow movie collectors. You are no doubt here because you have some questions, or are suspicious of my motives in creating moviebaron.net - fair enough, read on and hopefully your fears will be laid to rest!
Moviebaron.net was designed with the idea of providing a safe way for movie collectors to contact each other and exchange information in a safe environment.
Many of you no doubt use the alt.binaries movie trading newsgroups and will be aware it is all too easy to be ripped off either in a trade or sale.
By changing a nominal fee of $2.00 via Paypal annually, or 20 cents a month the risk is reduced as address, age and email details are verified and on record.
If you don't already own Movie Collector sofware please consider doing so. The database has been designed to integrate with the .xml files generated by the program - a free trial download is available and the process of exporting your movie collection to .xml is very easy, as is uploading to the database via your personal control panel.
Your membership also enables you to place your entire movie collection online in a searchable database. Non members can view your collection by you providing your username to them and searching under 'user' in the database - rather then posting or emailing written lists you can now just send one link my collection and your entire collection can be viewed complete with www.imdb.com information and images which can be uploaded via your own personal control panel. You can also add a 'for sale' icon to any titles which are strictly for purchase rather then trading.
Moviebaron.net has afflilate programs with many movie and DVD related websites - please consider visiting these sites - you never know what you might find and any purchases, however small, will help keep this site alive and the price down for years to come.
We're here for the long haul so any suggestions or feedback is most welcome.